About Us

Siberian male cat RW GRC Musrafy Tiberius

We are proud to raise lines of healhy Traditional Siberian Cats without the colorpoint gene. We are devoted to preserving and protecting this rare breed through careful breeding practices. We believe in a wide and diverse gene pool to keep our rare breed as healthy as possible. I have done alot of research in selecting my foundation cats to start my breeding program. I have traveled to Holland and Poland for my females and my males came from England and Italy. Our newest members Ofi and Oliver are from the Czech Republic. They are all from wonderful caring catteries and are bred from Champion Bloodlines.


We are a registered cattery with CFA and TICA. We belong to a number of Cat Clubs and we are involved in arranging cat shows in the Portland area. Please contact us with questions about any aspect or our buisness. We're always happy to hear from fellow cat lovers.

Forest*Star Siberians is a Cattery of Excellence

Cattery of Excellence Cattery of Excellence 2012