Cattery and Show News

Seattle Cat Club September 28th


Isaac first show he did awesome.. Best long hair and Best allbreed Champion, 6th Best Cat and 2nd in agility.

Oregon Cats September 7-8

Quill, Puma, Ofi, & Oliver

Their first show and nobody was afraid they had lots of fun. They took the first 4 Places in Agility and took turns placing first in the ring.

Seaside Cat Show July2012


Fern and her brother flash took home all the ribbons in the kitten class.




Way to go Flash...


Forest*Star Flashblack Furrytale owned by Nick and Sonja

Vancouver Show June 2nd

Forest*Star Aaryn Forest*Star Aaryn

Forest*Star Aayrn owned by Karen Stundlund won Best Cat at the show on Saturday in Vancouver


Way to go Aaryn!


Forest*Star Ella is now a Champion and made 9th Best Longhair

Trip to Allentown PA April 27-30

Aryanna placed 2nd Place Agility Saturday and Sunday in PA at the last show of the season. She is now 2nd place in the Nation for Agility. Lots of fun and met lots of nice people. We made it on the news and had auditions for a commerical while we were there, fun fun fun...

G Litter Born February 13 2012 Pearl and Tiberius

Pearl had 6 kittens she was a tried mom. She is doing great and the babies too. 1 male Brown mackerel tabby, 1 male Silver tabby, 1 solid black female, 3 black smoke females.

Pacific Rim February Show 2012

Braxten is a Champion


3rd Best Champion

8th Best Allbreed

OCI Show February 2012

Bonnie is a Champion


I took Best Handler in Agility

Aryanna took 1st Place 10 sec

Dash took 2nd Place 18 sec

Bonnie took 4th Place 24 seconds

Ella took 8th Place

January TICA Show 2012

DB Cooper won 7th best Kitten

Ella won 8th best Kitten 

and the three of them took turns winning 1st, 2nd, & 3rd

Cat Agility November 2011 Show

Austin is a great agility handler, Aryanna took 1st place with a time of 10 sec, and Bonnie took 2nd place with a time of 18 sec.

Aryanna is a Champion...

E Litter Born August 29 2011 Ellayne and Onyewu

Ellayne is happy she gets to be a mom to Ella and Evan.

D Litter Born August 15 2011 Pearl and Tiberius

Pearl loves being a mom she has 3 males 1 female.

DB Cooper, Dylan, Delilah, Dash.

TICA Regional Winner

RW GRC Musrafy Tiberius, made 19th Best Longhair in the Northwest Region.......

Onyewu Made Champion TICA and CFA

TICA Show 

2nd and 5th Best Longhair


CFA Show 2nd Best Longhair

CFA Regional Awards

Tiberius won 2nd Best Siberian Northwest Region

Gloria won 2nd Best Agility Northwest Region

Austin is proud of the Agility award that he helped earn.

C Litter Born May 16 2011 Ellayne and Tiberius

Ellayne had trouble birthing her singleton, she needed help with nursing so Gloria helped her out. 1 beautiful brown spotted tabby male.

B Litter Born May 14 2011 Gloria and Onyewu

Gloria is a protective Mom. She has 2 Red Smoke Males, 1 Red Silver Female.

A Litter Born March 29 2011 Pearl and Onyewu

Pearl is doing a wonderful job being a first time mother to her 5 beautiful babies. 1 Black Smoke Tortie Female and 4 Black Smoke Males.

OCI CFA Show February 2011

Congratulations to Tiberius he is now a Grand Champion with CFA........Great Show.

8x 2nd Best Siberian
3x 2nd Best Long Hair Allbreed Champion


1x 2nd Best Allbreed Champion

1x 3rd Best Allbreed Champion

Congratulations to Gloria She is Know a Champion... 

8x 3rd Best Siberian 

6th Best Agility

Congratulation to Onyewu he was 2nd Best in Agility.

Austin my son had a good time working with the cats in the agility and did quite well.....

TICA Show January 2011


Congratulations to Tiberius, he is know a Grand Champion......


Onyewu did well himself, 6x Best Siberian kitten 3x 2nd Best Siberian Kitten.........

Show January 2011

Congratulations to Pearl she is now a Champion........

The Main Event TICA Show December 2010

Tiberius is relaxing after his exciting day at the show. He won 4x 1st Place Siberian, 2x 2nd Place and 5th Place Allbreed.


Ellayne won 2x 1st place Siberian and 4x 2nd Place Siberian. She was a trooper.

Will Santa Drink All The Milk?

Gloria & Onyewu

Onyewu and Olivia have a play date.......

Onyewu and Olivia

Raining Kittens Show November 2010

Gloria won 2nd Best in Agility

Tiberius's agility abilities are part of the past. He would rather smell all the scents than to run the course this year, but he has done well on the stage.

4x 2nd Best Longhair Champion
1x 3rd Best Champion

2x 3rd Best Longhair Champion

Our New Boy Arrives from Italy

Our New Boy Onyewu arrived from Italy last week. My dear Friends from Cattery Siberiana brought him back along with his sister Olivia. He is such a love, very handsome boy.

Happy Halloween


Fall into Cats Show September 2010


Tiberius loves to be shown and enjoyed every minute of it. He won 2 x 3rd Best long hair All-Breed and 6 x Best Siberian.


Gloria and Pearl were troopers at their first show. They both did great each earning a 2nd best Siberian Kitten and 2nd best of color out of 6 rings.

Ellayne wished she was at home taking it easy, but did great anyway. She won 6 x 2nd Best Siberian.

Blue Hawaii Cat Show August 22nd

Another Great Show.....Tiberius won 2nd, 3rd, and 8th Best Allbreed. He sure loves being shown.

My Trip to Holland and Krakow

Black Pearl

I went to Holland and picked up Black Pearl, and to Krakow to pick up Gloria. They are both beautiful  Siberians with wonderful personalities. I had a wonderful time on my trip visiting with their families and seeing a village in Holland. I even seen my Ellayne's Father Car in Krakow, she looks like him so much just smaller. I want to thank them for sharing their homes with me and to let me take their babies with me. They are adjusting well.

Seaside Cat Show July 2010

Tiberius earned 2nd & 3rd Best Allbreed, 7th Place Speciality Ring

Our First TICA Show

Ellayne earned Her Champion Title

4th Place Speciality Ring

8x Best of Breed

8x 2nd Best of Breed


Tiberius earned his Champion Title

5th Place Allbreed

10th Place Allbreed

8x Best of Breed

8x 2nd Best of Breed

Jewels of the Northwest Show 6/5/2010

Tiberius earned his Championship Title


2x Best of Breed

1x Best Champion

4th Place Allbreed Speciality



6x 2nd Best of Breed

1x Best Champion

10th Place Allbreed Speciality

Regional Awards

Congrats to Ellayne.....


She Won 9th Best Siberian Kitten CFA 2009-2010 Show Season.

Idacats 2010

We went to Boise Idaho for the Idacats 2010 Cat Show March 20-21. We had a great time.


Ellayne did great she won 1st Place Allbreed Longhaired and 2nd Place 
allbreed Champion.
Tiberius won four finals, 6th, 8th, 9th, and 10th Best Kitten.

Show March 2011

A hard days work...

Tiberius Has Arrived


He is a wonderful new addition to our cattery, coming from Maria in the UK. He loves lots of attention and has a wonderful personality.

My First Siberian


My Trip to Poland to pick up my first Siberian. What an experience I had, Warsaw is a very beautiful city. There is so much history there and wonderful people that are proud of the country and the architecture work that they have there. It's beautiful place to visit. I want to thank Patrycja the breeder of my Ellayne for such a wonderful Siberian.