Everything you need to Know about your kitten and the litter box 

When Doody Calls!

Kittens start off using sand litter at 4 weeks of age. When  kittens are about 7 weeks we start adding wood pellets using half sand half wood pellets and at about 9 weeks we graduate to wood pellets only. 

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Kitty's Gone Green

Biodegradable, Compostable, 100% All Natural Plant Fiber Cat and Kitten Litter.


Proceeds Benefit Animal Rescue.


Mail Order Now Available!



Kitty’s Gone Green! helps you reduce waste, controls odor, can be composted instead of sent to a landfill, benefits the soil by putting nutrients back into the soil in addition to improving soil texture/water retention properties, can be used with birds, pocket pets, reptiles and is lightweight before and after being used as litter.   


The premeasured bags are excellent for:

  • trips or shows. 
  • if your kitty needs to be confined while recovering from a surgery or injury. 
  • great for kittens just learning to use litter. 
  • provides your pet sitter with ease and convenience of changing the litter while reducing the possibility of using too much litter. 
  • excellent for the pet bird and backyard chicken owner. Each 2 pound bag covers a 3 foot by 4 foot area lightly.

Kitty’s Gone Green! is made exclusively from sustainable Oregon products using Oregon Tilthe certified organic sun-dried alfalfa and a special blend of pine and white fir (lumber mill by-products; no trees destroyed to make this product; no chemicals or pesticides in the wood)


This cat litter contains no chemicals, additives, unidentified grains/middling/starches/salts.


It’s biodegradable, compostable and absorbs urine odor on contact!

Lightweight, safe for cats and kittens of all ages (including newborns).

It is the only cat litter that can be used solely as a soil supplement and fertilizer or potting medium. The organic alfalfa with the special blend of pine and white fir in Kitty’s Gone Green! provides many nutritional benefits not only for plant use, but for soil organisms as well.


Created originally for handicapped cats, Kitty’s Gone Green! is good for your cat or kitten, kind to the environment, and helps animals in need. Proceeds from the sale of this all- natural cat and kitten litter support animal rescue.

Manufactured and packaged locally in Milwaukie, Oregon. (patent pending)


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