Feedback From Our Clients

"My husband and I discovered Forest*Star Siberians at a CFA show in October of 2010. I have interacted with Michelle in person several times over the course of a year and a half, and found our exchanges to be both friendly and professional. Even though we didn't plan to adopt right away, Michelle took note of what we were looking for and kept me in the loop. She never pushed a sale! and truely treated this as a hobby, not a money-making venture. No inbreeding here! Each time, both in her home and at shows, the cats have been healthy, happy and well balanced.  I would definitely trust the Nelsons to be kind and treat their cats as part of the family. This is a really nice cattery, complete with good people and beautiful show-quality cats.


 My husband has moderate cat allergies and is a self-proclaimed dog-person, so I didn't even dream that we may be able to enjoy having a cat in the house. Surprisingly though, after two whole hours in a house with intact adult cats, he had little to no adverse reaction. This makes us believe that, in our particular case, having one or two SIBERIANS is absolutely feasible. I just love that Michelle's kittens are very gentle and very respectful with their claws during jumping and playtime - a testament to both the breed and the breeder.


3/5/2012, Proud of Owner of Flash"

"I've never been a cat person, mostly due to my life long allergic reaction to them, but my wife has always wanted a cat. On a whim, I looked up cats for people with allergies and found out about the siberian. I thought that coexisting with a cat at all would be a milestone for me. Was I in for a treat! When I first visited Forest Star Siberians, I could immediately tell that they weren't doing it just for the money. By the way they kept and treated their cats and kittens, it was obvious that they loved each and every one. From the moment Baxter first crossed the threshold of my front door, to now, six months later, he has been a joy to live with. He's cuddly and loveable, cute and playful, beautiful and fluffy, like the cats you see in commercials. He gets along with my big dogs and I have no horror stories. Forest Star had already trained all the bad behaviors out of him. No scratching the furniture or issues with the litter box. To say that I'm thrilled with my purchase would be an understatement.

Burke Adams
Portland OR

Proud owner of Baxter"

"Bandit/aka Austyn is everything you read about Siberians: very intelligent, playful, loving, and active. We have had him since he was six months old and he very quickly became a member of our family. Getting him through Forest*Star was an easy experience. He came complete with care package of food, and Michelle has answered any questions we have had.

Bill S. Vashon Island, WA."

"My daughters and I loved visiting Michelles's home and seeing all her sweet cats.  We were waiting for our kitten to get old enough to come home with us and had the opportunity to see him on numerous occasions as we impatiently waited.  What struck me immediately upon entering their home was the warmth and family affair atmosphere of raising the cats.I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone interested in a very well cared for kitten!


They all roamed freely around the house and were constantly cuddled and played with by her grandchildren, children and husband.  It was hard for them to let Clyde go and we have continued contact with Michelle regarding Clyde and how he is doing.


"It is hard to believe but our boy is almost a year old.


What can I say, I've been a cat person my entire life and I've never met a cat that I didn't fall in love.  But Andruy is special.  Some of his best qualities:


He is playful.  He has a great imagination and can turn anything into a toy.  His favorite game is to play hocky under the bathroom door.  He will push a bottle cap under the door and wait for one of his humans to push it back.  He'll play this for four or five minutes -- sometimes at a slow pace, sometimes at a rapid pace.  If you don't send the cap back under he'll stick his paw under the door and reach around.


He is a great leaper -- it is fun to watch him chase and jump after his feather toys.


He is affectionate.  When I get home he comes running and coooing to greet me.  When I pick him up he purrs a great purr -- loud and full of joy.  He enjoys rubbing up against legs, sitting on laps, being carried around the house and sleeping with one of his humans.


He is strong, but very, very gentle.  He loves lettuce and we hand feed it to him and he takes tiny little bites.


There are three humans in our house and one has a history of a severe allergy to cats.  Sometimes she gets bothered a little, but most days she can pet him and play with him.  She just takes care to wash her hands when she's done and she is good to good.  He is not allowed in her bedroom, but other than that he has the run of his house.


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