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8 Kittens were born in December 2018

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Our Siberian Cattery

We raise happy, healthy kittens and guarentee their health.  We do HCM screens by ultrasound and genetic tests for all none cat dieases on all breeding Siberians. Kittens come with, 3 year genetic, 2 year FIP, 5 day general health.


We provide quality services for the adoption process which can be customized  according to your needs.


Our many satisfied families appreciate our special brand of service. We answer any questions you might have during the adoption process and throughout your kittens life.

Siberians are Ideal Catpanions and Make Wonderful Family Pets


Siberians, with their dog-like personalities, loving tempermant and are hypo-allergenic,  that is only few of the many qualities that make them unique to other breeds.


All our cats and kittens are well socialized in a clean, loving, home environment with our family. They come to you between 12 and 14 weeks of age, litter boxed trained current on vaccines, and have Health Guarentees.



About US

We are proud to raise lines of healhy Traditional Siberian Cats without the colorpoint gene. We are devoted to preserving and protecting this rare breed through careful breeding practices. We believe in a wide and diverse gene pool to keep our rare breed as healthy as possible. I have traveled to Holland and Poland for some of my females and my males came from England, Italy and Czech Republic. They are all from wonderful caring catteries and are bred from Champion Bloodlines.


We are a registered cattery with CFA and TICA. Please contact us with questions about any aspect or our buisness. We're always happy to hear from fellow cat lovers.


The Siberian Cat

Owning a cat can be very pleasurable, but owning a Siberian cat is a very rewarding, life changing experience. The Siberian will become your best friend, confidante, problem-solver, and house clown. Siberians are one of the most ancient breeds and began as the Russian forest cat. Their are images of them roaming the Siberian Taiga (forestland) even today and they are reported to be in large numbers in the wild Siberian outlying territories. But another story unfolds in Russia. Siberian cats are now prized house cats and many Russian families relay fond tales of their Siberian cats and their amazing loyalty and personalities. In 1990, when communism fell and free trade opened up, the importation of the Siberian cat began to the United States.

Show News

Forest*Star Isabel is the is doing great at the recent shows this season. She has been the judges favorite between her and her two sisters. She even won a couple rings over here Dad who is a Grand Champion.

Our Cats

Isabel loves the wind....

Available Kittens

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