Siberian Cats are Hypo-Allergenic

There is alot of confusion as to what Hypo-allergenic means. Despite popular opinion it does not mean that something is "allergy free". Hypo means, under or less allergen. Thus Hypo-allergenic means less or under allergy causing. 

It has become a fact that Siberian Cats, generally produce less of the FEL-D1 Protein in their saliva which is what most people are allergic to. Cats groom themselves and the saliva dries on their fur and skin, flakes off and travels all over the room.
For reasons unknown Siberians Cats have less of this protein than the average cat. It is not possible to have a totally allergy free cat but it is very possible to obtain a hypo-allergenic Siberian Cat. For many allergy sufferers this means that they can finally have a cat in their life. 
It is important if you have allergies and are searching for a cat that you determine first your level of allergies and your ability to tolerate your reactions. Next you will need to realize that even a hypo-allergenic cat can require special care in order to prevent your allergies from becoming worse. Each person and each cat is an individual and reactions can vary depending on various circumstances. However, there is a small percentage of people that still react  anyway.  
There are methods to help reduce reactions. Bathing your Siberian Cat monthly will  reduce allergens. Vacuum often to limit hair build up around the house. Feeding a well balanced natural food diet, so they maintain a healthy coat to reduce shedding. 
The last thing, but extremely important for allergy sufferers, is to create an allergy free safe haven for sleeping. This means that you cannot allow your pets to sleep in your bedroom.
My son has allergies to average cats. We have a houseful of Siberians and he does not have an allergy to them.  We hope this article can help understand the hypo-allergenic qualities of Siberian Cats.
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